About Us

United Healthcare Distributors (UHD) specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of healthcare and personal care products in East Africa. Based in Kampala, Uganda, UHD was created to close the gap between the demand and availability of high-quality, reliable products and equipment in price sensitive Africa. 

We work closely with multinational pharmaceutical, medical and consumer goods suppliers to develop and implement locally-relevant and effectively-managed go-to-market strategies designed to minimize the risk and complexity of doing business in Africa while maximizing returns.

Our Mission

UHD is dedicated to improving the health of the population through the distribution of high quality, reliable healthcare and personal care products.

Our Vision

UHD strives to be the leading distributor of healthcare and personal care products in the East Africa region.  

What Sets Us Apart?

Quality products distributed effectively through an extensive, established logistics and distribution infrastructure utilizing locally-relevant go-to-market strategies.


Our Team

UHD is home to a team of local specialists with decades of combined experience in sales and marketing, supply chain management, product management and market access. Our management team is outlined below.