+ Where are UHD Headquarters?

United Healthcare Distributors Ltd Headquarters are located at Plot 26 Nakasero Road Kampala Uganda.

+ What are the requirements for opening an account with UHD?

All customers have to prove that they are legally registered facilities I.e. present a copy of the National Drug Authority License for Pharmacies and Ministry of Health License for Hospitals , Clinics and Medical Centers. Super markets, general trade wholesalers, Minimarts , Convenient stores and Groceries are required to present a copy of Trading license.

+ Can a walk-in patient with a prescription be served at UHD?

No. Patients are advised to go to Pharmacies or other healthcare facilities to access our prescription drugs. Only registered healthcare centers like Pharmacies , Medical centers and Hospitals will be served with prescription drugs.

+ If I wanted to buy FMCG Products, would I be allowed to walk in to the UHD Facilities and buy?

Yes. FMCG products can be accessed at the UHD Headquarter offices.

+ Does UHD deliver to the customer facilities?

Yes. Orders are delivered to the customer premises within the Uganda boarders.

+ In case of an adverse effect suspected to be a result of using a UHD prescription product, who do I contact?

UHD has a Pharmacovigilance Policy that addresses cases of adverse events . As soon as we receive your complaint, a log is created and communication is shared with NDA and the Pharmacovigilance team at the manufacturer’s side . Results from the investigation activities of NDA and the manufacturers are shared with the patient.