Sales And Marketing

UHD provides a suite of sales and marketing services to drive market penetration through a comprehensive approach designed to attract and maintain customers while building a strong product profile and optimizing brand image and visibility. 

Drug Registration Support

UHD has in-depth understanding of drug registration processes to help prepare and expedite drug registration submissions, working closely with national regulatory bodies as the Local Technical Representative.

Market Research

UHD believes that sales and marketing solutions must be targeted to be effective. This is why our strategy development process always begins with a thorough market analysis, capturing both the competitor and stakeholder landscape. The analysis is used to proactively identify market challenges, relevant solutions and key targets.

Marketing Strategy Development & KOL Mapping

After more than a decade working in close partnership with healthcare providers, patients and consumers across the East Africa region, UHD has a keen understanding of both prescribing and purchasing habits and challenges. This allows us to design practical and effective go-to-market solutions to reach market gatekeepers and achieve sales targets. For pharmaceutical sales, we carefully map Key Opinion Leaders by specialty and design targeted strategies to reach these KOLs effectively.

Field Force Hiring and Management

UHD’s significant local expertise allows us to effectively track your sales force and other field teams to enhance productivity and improve efficiency, while strengthening client relationships and building customer loyalty. We utilize a range of field-tested tools to prioritize and track scheduled and completed visits, visit route plans and meeting outcomes. In markets where additional resources are needed, UHD deploys internal recruitment resources or works with local and international HR partners to hire experienced and dedicated sales team members.

Key Accounts Management

UHD was established to serve as our client’s eyes and ears on ground. Through an experienced and professional sales force, we reach a wide network of customers across East Africa – including hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, supermarkets and other small to medium sized retailers, wholesalers and general trade – using a personalized and targeted approach.

United Health Care Distributors has been so crucial to my clinic. As a skin clinic, our products are hard to find but UHD has been at the forefront of supplying us with quality medications. They are efficient, listen to customer requirements. Thank you UHD, you have made our business successful.
— Dr. Malik Ssempereza, Director - Unity Skin Clinic